When you run, your chest moves up and down with each stride. This is the same for all women, but the bigger the chest, the more this movement is accentuated. This phenomenon, which can be uncomfortable and painful, is made worse by standard bras, especially those with underwires, because these bump against the crease under the breast while you run. If you consistently wear this kind of bra when you run, you may cause irreversible damage, as it reduces the firmness and hold of the breast, and may even lead to sagging and deformation.

Maybe it's time to reconsider sports bras.



Decathlon's sports bras and crop tops offer the support you need while running. How? Firstly, they have a special structure designed just for running. Contrary to standard bras that support the bust from the bottom, a running bra's shape and special textile components help "envelope" your breasts to reduce horizontal movement and absorb shocks.

Wide straps help distribute weight evenly and avoid creating pressure points at the shoulders.

Each of Decathlon's sports bras and crop tops has been validated during laboratory tests. These exclusive tests prove for example that our Sportance Comfort running bra is 28% more supportive than a regular bra.


why it's important to wear a sports bra


Providing support and protecting the bust is important of course, but it shouldn't affect overall comfort during running. This is why our design teams pay particular attention to two aspects: chafing and perspiration wicking.


To this end, we use "anti-perspirant" textile components, which even benefit from ultrasound perforation on certain models.

The cross-over straps and muscle back provide more freedom of movement for runners by freeing up the shoulder blades.

And finally, the seamless assembly techniques mean there is a lower risk of chafing during long runs. 

Which is better: a bra or crop top?

The structure of crop tops is more suitable for small and medium busts. They offer the advantage of being quick and easy to slip over your head, and can be worn by themselves during summer runs or for competitions. The support is mostly by compression, as they flatten the breasts against the chest.

Bras are perfect for bustier women thanks to their shaped cups. They support the chest by enveloping it, without compressing it. They are available in specific sizes, just like standard bras, and can be adjusted for a better fit and support. To help you choose, we have developed a choice guide for running bra sizes, which is displayed on each of our product files and in-store.