Jogging, boring? The aim of this article is to get rid of any preconceptions! Other than getting you off your couch and/or being able to eat a square of chocolate when you get home without feeling guilty, the ultimate aim is to find inner peace and acceptance of your body.

Thanks to this sport, you can combine these simple yet vital benefits for your body. Who hasn't sought an excuse for not putting their trainers on? Having read this, you should feel the need to become more active.


What could be more natural than the desire to clear your mind? How is it possible to free up your thoughts while being active? Which sport could help you to clear your mind?

Naturally, there are several answers to this question, but jogging in my opinion is a great solution! A free spirit that is enjoying their new-found freedom, like in a certain comic strip?! Running will give you these feelings of freedom, light-heartedness and pride, combined with the benefits of physical exercise.

Getting some fresh air can have different effects: setting aside your daily troubles in order to focus on the pleasure of running is a significant benefit.


If you have a tendency to enjoy chocolate or any other type of food that is not necessarily low in calories, keeping your body in shape can be useful if not essential. I'm talking about staying in shape in the widest sense (muscles, breathing, heart, figure), i.e. the type that will help you feel better on a daily basis.

Jogging, when practised 1 to 3 times a week, can contribute to this. The physical exercise that you do will have an effect on your entire body, allowing it to expend energy and regenerate itself.

The frequency of your outings is the basis of your training in the long run. It is better to exercise once a week throughout the year, rather than four times a week for just a few weeks. This may seem obvious, but it's worth remembering!



Do you love spinach like the famous comic strip character? You might wonder what this has to do with running.

We all remember the character with the muscles that inflate after eating a can of this green vegetable. Don't worry, this won't happen when you start jogging, but rest assured that your muscles will be gently strengthened over the course of your outings.

Different muscles are exercised and sculpted: those of the thighs (quads, hamstrings) and the calves. As for the body, it will be maintained by the running strides that develop the stomach muscles, abs and back.

losing weight by running


If you want some help in losing weight, jogging is sure to be a good option! Get rid of any unflattering padding, cellulite and fat. This sport is the ultimate weapon for improving your figure over time (while enjoying the pleasures of running). Did you know that a 30-minute run will burn off more than 300 calories on average (variable according to your weight and gender)?

There is no point in radically changing your diet to lose the few extra pounds that are troubling you. A balanced diet, without privation, the right running gear and unfailing regularity: this is the winning trio for maintaining your figure!

Feeling depressed at the sight of your plate of green beans (without butter)? It's the same for us! We prefer to take you on a jogging outing to demonstrate that frequency is the key to maintaining your preferred weight.


Bone strength, risk of cancer, diabetes, insomnia, heart disease, etc.: are any of these issues on your mind? All these issues can be causes for concern! What does this have to do with jogging? This sport produces great results when it comes to improving or combating these health issues.

May I remind you that jogging can be practised at any age, as long as you feel well and you've had a recent medical check-up giving you the all-clear to run!

Maintaining physical activity during the course of your life contributes significantly to your sense of well-being at any age and the ability to cope with the effects of ageing on the body. Moderate exercise is good for your health!


Taking care of yourself by practising a sport is a priority that we should all include in our daily lives. Running, in particular, helps to improve our mental as well as physical health. If you had to remember just one thing: The goal of jogging is to be inwardly renewed, enjoy yourself, boost the energy levels that have become depleted by other activities, put yourself first above all...


Once a jogger, always a runner and a trail runner for the love of it.
Inquisitive and a beginner road cyclist, who practises pilates and weights training.

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