Sports hairstyle: which is best?

I like to look good, even when doing sport. So I carefully choose my outfit, wear waterproof make-up, and do my hair.

Today, I will give you some tips on how to tame and care for your tresses.

Ready to be the fairest of them all during your sports activity?


My favourite sport is cycling. But my accessories and hairstyles differ according to what sport I am doing...

When I do my hair ready for sport, my main aim is to keep those strands in place. So what can I choose that is both practical and cool?

My top tip: Always have a hair tie around your wrist!


Hair length matters!

For short or mid-length hair, choices are limited. The easiest thing is to tie back your hair, twist it, or, if you have the patience, plait it. Consider wearing a headband to add some colour to your hairstyle!

You can also get extensions braided into pretty French plaits that last for at least a week for less than €20!

Do you do your sport in the water?

Chlorinated and salt water are not your hair's friends. Whatever your hairstyle, consider applying a moisturising hair oil to protect your hair from chlorine or salt to keep your hair hydrated under your cap.

With a swim cap, the easiest hairstyle to do is a bun, either a big one or a little one, and remember not to leave any hair sticking out. Unfortunately, if you have long hair you will have an interesting extra lump on your head! You could try doing a French plait crown to shorten the length.

If you do not wear a swim cap, remember to put your hair up while it is dry to avoid damaging it, and always try to tie it back so that it does not fall into your eyes when your head is underwater!

I always wear my helmet... do you?

I encourage you to take the utmost care when it comes to your safety, and not to neglect it for the sake of aesthetics; for me, wearing a helmet is not optional!

If you want to know more about the best cycling hairstyle, you can find it here: 

No more knots        

If you do sports that involve moving quickly, such as running or cardio classes for example, you could incorporate a cap or visor into your hairstyle, after applying a moisturising UV protection spray. The longer your hair is, the more crucial it is to plait it, otherwise you will be inflicting a serious detangling session on yourself, which is all the more tedious when you are exhausted.

"Static" sports

Yoga, pilates and weight training are sports that are generally slow moving, static even. This gives you the freedom to style your hair however you wish, but in the "downward dog" position, you might end up with hair in your eyes if you do not tie it up.


Fleur Faure

Fleur, who has always loved cycling, has completed years of training and has now turned professional. And one of her areas of strength is: the "fixie!"!

Fleur Faure - professional cyclist

The art of having a fringe

I have one personally, but during the summer you will never see it when I am doing sport. Twisted or plaited, I make sure it does not get in my way. Because under this fringe is a sebum breeding ground, caused by sweat and the movement of your fringe on your forehead. So get that fringe under control!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

If you have any tips you would like to share, I'll be the first to read them!