Run Dry Women's Running T-Shirt - Blue

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Key feature
Comfortable and breathable with a feminine cut; this T-shirt is ideal for your running sessions.


Why buy this t-shirt?

  • 1- Its perspiration wicking: With its lightweight mesh component that quickly absorbs and wicks away sweat, this t-shirt will be comfortable during sports workouts 
  • 2- Its Cut: With its slim fit that manages to have with plenty of room in the chest, this t-shirt was designed for freedom of movement with the least amount of chaffing possible
  • 3- Visibility: To ensure a minimum level of night-time visibility, this product features a tiny retro-reflective component on the side so that you may be seen from the back and from the front

Products benefits

Moisture management
The material wicks away moisture to keep you dry
Freedom of movement
Cut tailored to women thanks to the bust dart


6 to 22.
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
This T-shirt has been tested in the lab and the field by athletes of all levels. It was adopted by all the testers for its feminine cut and capacity for perspiration wicking. The RUN DRY T-shirt dries faster than a cotton T-shirt for maximal comfort while running.
Designed to :
women running in hot weather
2 years


Maintenance advice
Machine washable at 30°C max. Synthetic cycle. Use liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach.

Additional information

Why choose a specific running T-shirt?
Perspiration is a natural reaction which occurs when it is hot or during physical exertion. Avoid cotton T-shirts. The fabric absorbs your perspiration but doesn't wick it away, and does not dry easily. You will feel the cold more quickly.You will be more comfortable if you choose the right T-shirt, regardless of the duration of your running session.
Perspiration wicking
This T-shirt is designed to stay dry while you're running. The component used limits the sensation of humidity by absorbing, diffusing and drying the water generated by the body during exercise.

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