Run Cushion Women's Running Shoes - Coral

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Key feature
Light with good cushioning for novice runners. It has soft, cushioning foam and rubber reinforcements under the sole for better grip.


Products benefits

Foam sole absorbs shock waves
Anti-slip front and rear rubber reinforcements on the outsole
Weight: 205g in size 5.5
Fitting comfort
The thickness/material of the foam interior make this a very comfortable shoe


Outer sole of : 60.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Outer sole of : 40.0% Rubber - Synthetic Upper of : 70.0% Polyester cationic (PES cat), Upper of : 30.0% Polyurethane (PU) Lining and sock of : 50.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Lining and sock of : 50.0% Polyester cationic (PES cat)
This shoe has been tested on the road by a panel of runners. The shoe has also undergone a series of mechanical tests in the lab.
Designed to :
for women just starting road or treadmill running
2 years

Additional information

Why choose a running shoe?
When you run, the shock wave generated by each impact with the ground corresponds to approximately 3 times your weight. This wave runs from the heel to the top of the spinal column. Your joints act as shock absorbers but are also severely put to the test. Choosing a good pair of running shoes is therefore essential for absorbing shocks and dispersing vibrations.
EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl acetate) foam which is both lightweight and offers good shock absorbing properties. The elasticity and density of this foam were developed in conjunction with the Decathlon research and development centre so as to meet the specific needs of runners.
205g in size 5.5
Shoe size
From 3 to 8
6mm height difference between front of sole and back.
Upkeep tips
Do not machine wash your shoes, as this can damage their physical properties, leading to detachment, shrinkage or tearing of the mesh at the top of the foot. We therefore recommend that, when they are very dirty (muddy), you wash them with soapy water and a little synthetic brush. Above all, do not use bleach! Rinse with fresh water. When drying your shoes, keep them away from any heat source.

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