Kiprun men's HRM running T-shirt - black

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Key feature
No more problems with belt slipping, rubbing or simply forgotten. This T-shirt will enable you to measure your heart rate easily.

Products benefits

he product has electrodes built-in to measure your heart rate.
Reduced chafing
My product is designed with a seamless torso to reduce chafing.
Moisture management
Stay dry as the product absorbs and wicks away moisture and dries quickly.


Main fabric : 71.0% Polyester (PES), Main fabric : 20.0% Polyamide (PA), Main fabric : 9.0% Elastane
This t-shirt was laboratory and field tested by sportsmen and women of all abilities. It was passed by all our testers for its capacity to provide comfort while running. Its design without lateral seams prevents chafing caused by rubbing. Emmanuel (Kalenji Men's Clothing Product Manager)
Designed to :
for runners who want to measure their heart rate freely and easily IN HOT WEATHER.
2 years


Maintenance advice
Don't forget to remove the sensor from the T-shirt. Can be machine washed and mixed with other colours and products. Wash at 30°C max. Can be machine washed and mixed with other colours and products. Wash at 30°C max. Do not tumble dry.

Additional information

Electronic coaching
This T-shirt has built-in electrodes to measure your heart rate. User guide: 1. Place the sensor on the 2 press-buttons on the front of the T-shirt. 2. Moisten the electrodes inside the product to get the best reception of the heart rate signal. 3. Wait for your watch or your phone to receive your heart rate.
This T-shirt is compatible with all sensors from the brands Géonaute, Kalenji, Polar and Garmin that have press-buttons. Check the attachment distance from the 2 press buttons. This distance is 4.5cm on the T-shirt.
Reduced chafing
This T-shirt is worn so close to the body it's like a second skin - this reduces its movement as much as possible to prevent irritation. It is also designed with "seamless" technology which means the torso is seam-free so any chafing can be avoided.
Perspiration wicking
This T-shirt has been designed with Equarea technology that keeps you dry throughout your run. Your perspiration is absorbed and dries quickly.

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