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Kanergy Running Compression Sleeve - Black

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Key feature
The KANERGY leg sleeve has been designed to reduce muscle fatigue during intensive runs.


Choosing your size

To ensure your leg sleeve is as effective as possible, accurately measure around your calf at the widest point, and choose the corresponding size in the chart.

Leg sleeves and compression socks facilitate the venous return, that is, the return of blood poor in oxygen to the heart and the lungs. So choosing the correct size is important.


- Hold the muscles so that fewer muscle fibres break during exercise, which in turn reduces muscle aches, especially after physical exertion.

- Applying pressure to the veins to reduce their volume speeds up the circulation of blood.

Products benefits

Reduces muscle vibration, fatigue and cramps.
Anatomic design
Right and left leg sleeve for a superior fit.
Moisture management
Material absorbs and wicks perspiration away.


Socks : 55.0% Polyester (PES), Socks : 38.0% Polyamide (PA), Socks : 7.0% Elastane
Designed to :
male and female runners seeking to improve their performance levels by reducing muscle fatigue.
2 years


Maintenance advice
Machine wash at 40°C; may be tumble dried, preferably at low temperature.

Additional information

How to select your size
To optimise the effectiveness of the leg sleeve, take different and precise measurements around the larger of the calves and select the matching leg sleeve size. size 1 - calf circumference: 30 / 34 CM ( 11.8 / 13.38 IN ) size 2 - calf circumference: 34 / 38 CM ( 13.4 / 14.96 IN ) size 3 - calf circumference: 38 / 42 CM ( 15 / 16.51 IN )
How to slip on the leg sleeve
Slide your leg sleeve over itself going from the calf down to the ankle. Using both hands, stretch your leg sleeve out to the side to get it over your foot and roll it carefully up the leg from just above the ankle joints. Adjust the leg sleeve so it is just below the knee, ensure the material is evenly spread around the calf with no folds along the leg*.
* If you still can't get the leg sleeve right above the ankle joint and just below the knee, priority should always be given to the fit below the knee.

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