Cushioning when Running: K-Ring Technology!

The exclusive K-Ring (K for Kalenji) is the cushioning technology perfected by Kalenji in 2014! Developed specifically to meet the inherent needs of runners, discover why and how it was designed…
Stride after stride, running leads to thousands of impacts against the ground. In order to allow runners worldwide to enjoy their passion in the long-term, they must benefit from effective protection. In an attempt to find the best solution to that problem, our engineers carried out various works and finally perfected the K-Ring!
Our aim: The best possible cushioning!
The true evolution of a technology called CS (which first appeared in 2003), the K-Ring is grounded in over 10 years of experience gathered through contact with athletes and runners. Made of a piece in the shape of a doughnut, the functioning of the K-Ring is based on 3 principles:


1. A shock-absorbing material
To protect the runner's body when their foot is in contact with the ground, the shock caused by each stride must be absorbed. The way in which the material in the sole of your shoe deforms is what will guarantee good shock absorption. Inserted under the heel, the K-Ring is made of an EVA foam whose density allows for good shock absorption.
2. A circular shape to maximise absorption
Our engineers opted for a circular piece, simply because a round shape guarantees the best possible deformation and, therefore, the best possible shock absorption. Plus, this shock absorption will be optimised thanks to the opening at the centre of the K-Ring: the material will deform just as well towards the inside as it does towards the outside. Making a ring-shaped piece was also the foundation of the 3rd principle...
3. An opening at the centre to protect your heel
There is a bone at your heel that it is critical to protect: the calcaneum. Inserted in the sole, the K-Ring is strategically positioned under the heel. This way, when you place your foot on the ground, the calcaneum will be positioned in the centre of the K-Ring, thus preventing it from entering into contact with a stiff part.
Seeking runners' protection and comfort are priorities for Kalenji. The K-Ring is the answer we bring to our quest to make the pleasure of running accessible to everyone in the long term.
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