Is your child about to start athletics? We present 5 physical and mental benefits of this sport!

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If you are looking for a new sport for your child at the start of the school year, or if your child has started athletics at school and is hooked, we explain the benefits of this sport for the body and mind!

Contrary to the image it has as a solitary activity, athletics is an excellent way for children to open to others and to sport in general.

Whether as an introduction to sport and learning about team spirit, or to develop mentally and physically, discover with us the benefits of athletics for children.

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Athletics: sport as a team

If your child is starting sport, athletics has social benefits right from an early stage. Indeed, it's easier for young children to start with an individual sport, as strategy and team concepts evolve later on in their development.

And in athletics, events are competed for individually, while training is conducted as a group.In the youngest age groups, some competitions even take place as a team!

In sum, athletics is an excellent way for young people to start socialising and discovering the joys of sport with others.

Discovering sport through athletics

Long before aiming for improvement and repetition of motion, athletics works on three simple movements: jumping, running and throwing. These movements are easy for your child to handle, and allow for an intuitive introduction to sport.

As well as introducing your child to the joys of athletics, stadium tracks are the perfect learning ground for sport in general! Athletics will give your child a taste for sport, but also help him/her to develop basic movements useful for all sporting activities.

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With athletics, children can develop their movements

Athletics is an introduction to sport through simple movements. Learning to run, throw and jump helps children to develop their motor skills and sense of balance.

This is particularly true because in the first few years athletics is all about versatility! Your child starts by trying all athletics events, before specialising in one or two. And it's a perfect way to develop his/her psychomotricity.

Athletics: playing and effort

Through simple movements and varied events, athletics allows your child to learn while having fun.

As opposed to improvement and repetition, learning athletics is based on versatilily. Your child can try all the events and learns this sport through play.

This fun and curious approach to a sport rich in possibilities allows a taste for effort and a desire to surpass oneself to develop naturally over time.

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Athletics is a great way for your child to discover the physical, mental and social benefits of sport. What were your reasons for wanting to introduce your child to athletics?
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