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Admit it, you often have a good excuse to avoid going out for a run: it's too hot, too cold, you don't have enough time, your feet ache, no one is motivated, etc. But this time, let's do it right: after the summer holidays, the plan is to make a fresh start by running regularly! So, how do you go about it?
Coureur et végétarien : comment s’alimenter
As you know, runners are recommended to maintain a balanced diet, with enough protein to meet the body's requirements. Is it possible, therefore, to follow a diet that is mostly or completely plant-based and be a runner?
Is running bad for your back
It's often said that running isn't great for your back, and that repeated impacts "crush" your vertebrae... Is this just an excuse not to go running, or really a lumbar time bomb? We asked a sports physiotherapist to tell us more.
Vos excuses pour ne pas courir, nos solutions
What with all your daily activities, your professional and personal life, your preconceptions and concerns, you can always find a good excuse for leaving your running shoes in the cupboard. We have now set ourselves the challenge of overcoming all your anti-jogging excuses!
quels fruits manger quand on court
You've undoubtedly heard it again and again: fruit is good for your health. And with summer on its way, it's all the more tempting to eat it. But how exactly is it good for your health?
Quels muscles travaillent en course à pied
Does running work out all the muscles in the body? How can you look after and protect these incredible machines if you want to run better and for longer?
comment courir plus longtemps
Running 30 minutes or 1 hour may seem like an unattainable goal, but we have good news for you: it is usually just a question of willpower and progression.