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Your 10 New Year's resolutions for running in 2017

The festive period is the time for identifying the New Year's resolutions that will help you make a good start to the year. Running is no exception to the rule, here's our top 10.


1. Keeping a training log

The training log is an essential tool for assessing your progress, which is always rewarding. But it can also be a precious aid when it comes to understanding "setbacks". Too sudden an increase in one's training workload, a pain that was glossed over during training, too many missed sessions:
the answer is bound to be in your training log. Tip: if you are not a fan of using paper, an application like Decathlon Coach can be used as the perfect training log.


2. Running according to your heart rate

There are three main ways of training: according to your running speed, how you feel, or your heart rate. Running according to your heart rate has many benefits. you can be sure that you are always running at the right pace regardless of your fitness level on a particular day and the features of your route. As a result, this training method is very accurate and ultimately easy to grasp, particularly for beginners. Finally, you need relatively little equipment and you will quickly forget you're wearing it thanks to the heart rate monitor T-shirt or crop top with its built-in sensor.


3. Carrying out a General Physical Preparation (GPP)

Winter is the ideal time for completing a general physical preparation cycle. This is a training session aimed at developing all your physical abilities: strength, coordination, flexibility, etc. It can also be used to strengthen the muscles that are used less when running, despite their importance, like the core strength, for example.


4. Walking in order to run better

If you are a beginner or you are getting back into running, you need to recognise the benefits of walking. Indeed, walking and running are entirely complementary. This principle applies particularly to people with excess weight or who are recovering from injury. Even if you do not fall in either of these categories, walking still has benefits nevertheless. One day's walking in the countryside, mountains, or by the sea will be excellent for both body and mind. Take the opportunity to invite friends and family to join you if you are often away on a run.


5. Becoming an eco-runner

The countryside is very popular with all runners. Let's work together to ensure that it does not lose its appeal in the long term. This can easily be achieved in many ways that are not simply reserved to trail runners.


6. Giving up smoking

This is without doubt the ultimate New Year's resolution. What if this year was the one? Running can be an excellent palliative solution to smoking. For many runners, this was what got them started. However, there are also a fair number of runners who smoke, so this year could be the opportunity to give up once and for all, with all the corresponding benefits for your health and performance!


7. Learning the fartlek method

Fartlek is not only the most varied training method but also particularly effective, it has to be said.This "speed play" in Swedish is a type of session that is practised alone or as part of a group. It is guaranteed to be an excellent running experience.


8. Changing your outlook on stretching

For years, the merits of lengthy static training exercises before and after a running session were extolled. Yet, current scientific evidence shows that this type of stretching does not have any benefits, reduces performance and increases the risk of injury. However it is important to remain flexible by stretching the days you do not carry out a running training session.


9. Running connected

Technology has added a new dimension to running. A training session can now be tracked, dissected and analysed. Some applications like Decathlon Coach even give you coaching during your sessions, as the name suggests. It makes it easier to attain your objective, whether it is getting back into running, losing weight, preparing for a race or taking on your first ultra-trail running race. A must-have:


10. Sleeping better

At the start of the year, the winter nights are still long. This provides an opportunity to devote some attention to your sleep. Recovery, particularly during the night, is one of the keys to making long-term improvements in running. For once, we're telling you to stop running in order to improve… Great, isn't it?


Happy New Year!