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Why wear special running apparel ?


It is important to wear suitable running gear so that your run is a calm, pleasant, comfortable experience. Running clothes will treat you kindly! 


Why wear base layers?

To run comfortably, both men and women should wear base layers which are suited for running and the shape of your body. Base layers for men (called a "layer 0") are designed to be tight-fitting. They create a second skin effect, providing muscle support, guaranteeing constant warmth and making it easier to move. They are made of breathable materials which wick away perspiration and regulate your body temperature.

If you're a woman, wear a sports bra. These garments have been specially tested and designed to maximise comfort during exercise, providing reinforced support, ease of movement and shock absorption. They are made of breathable, ventilated fabrics and seamless cups to prevent chafing. Sports bras made for running are also easy to slip on thanks to twilled, adjustable straps.


Why wear a breathable t-shirt (layer 1)?

When you run, the most important thing to do is keep your body temperature steady and your skin dry regardless of the intensity or length of your run or the weather conditions.

To keep you warm and comfortable when you're running and in general, make sure to wear a garment, t-shirt or top made of breathable materials (your "layer 1"). This effectively wicks away perspiration while you are exercising, keeping your skin dry. .

Avoid cotton t-shirts at all costs. This type of fabric absorbs moisture and will chill your skin very quickly.

Your Kalenji team and the thermal comfort experts at the OXYLANE research centre have designed specific running garments for you. These are made of a technical fabric composed of polyester fibre, elastane and polyamide, which keep your body warm and wick away perspiration. A Kalenji breathable t-shirt is a great, low-cost option to keep you comfortable during your run!


Why wear insulating clothing (layer 2)?

Since running is an outdoor sport, it is important to adapt your gear based on the weather conditions so that you stay warm and run in comfort. The most important thing is to maintain a good body temperature throughout your run. Breathable, insulating running clothing (called your "layer 2") will keep the cold out and your body heat in.

Running clothing provides optimal insulation and body temperature control by constantly circulating air when you are exercising.  

Insulating garments are made of light, ventilated, warm fabrics. (For example: fleece jacket, running tights, temperature-regulating top, etc. )


Why run with a windproof (layer 3)?

You'll often have to face the wind when you go out for a jog. Protect yourself by wearing a base layer (layer 0) or a breathable running t-shirt (layer 1) and a windbreaker which is crafted for running and outdoor sports (layer 3). A running windproof jacket is made of technical, breathable materials, insulating your body from the outside temperature and especially keeping out the wind. Some windproofs are also waterproof, repelling water and keeping your body dry even when it's raining.

Leave your old cagoule at home! It has the opposite effect of a breathable windproof jacket: your skin will be moist and you will get cold quickly. If you get soaked while running, it's impossible to get warm again! 


How can you keep your running apparel in good condition?

The textiles used in your running clothing (polyester, elastane and polyamide) are easy care and do not get lose their shape, even after several washes. Hand- or machine-wash them at 30°C. They will dry very quickly. Do not dry your running clothes on top of a radiator or in a tumble dryer.