Why run ?

8 excellent reasons to run!


1 – To sleep well

Running is the healthiest and most effective way to fight insomnia. The muscles that tense up during stressful daily activities relax and running generates a pleasant form of fatigue that ensures a deep and refreshing sleep.



2 – To improve your intellectual capacity

Regular running improves the movement of oxygen from the lungs to the brain and stimulates the cerebral functions. Ideas become clearer and images more colourful...


3 – To avoid depression 

According to the federal office for public health, 43% of depressions could be avoided by practising some form of physical activity like running.


4 – To strengthen your heart 

By lowering your heart rate at rest and preserving your maximum heart rate, you will increase the efficiency of your cardio-vascular system.


5 – To improve your appetite and your intestinal functions

Running improves your appetite and facilitates digestion: you will get more from what you eat and your organism will be more effective in absorbing the nutrients from your food.


6 – To improve your body shape

Regular running exercise improves the shape of the legs and the tone of the buttocks.


7 -  To lose weight in a healthy way

People practising regular physical exercise like running while on a low-calory diet keep their muscles intact while losing weight over the long term and rubbing out curves in the wrong places. It is much better that a low-calory diet alone!


8 -  Pleasure and escape

Running also gives you the pleasure of exploring new horizons while running and sharing special times with friends or work colleagues.

Go for it, get your running shoes on and take full advantage of the benefits of this sport!


Enjoy your run,

The Kalenji running team