carnet d'entrainement

The training logbook

The training logbook is the memory of the person who practises sports.Very often, a runner's motivation is reflected in his training logbook. It should not be seen as a gadget. It is a really useful tool to help you improve over time.

In this logbook, you can, for example, write down your feelings, the distances, the total distance, the uphill and downhill altitude changes, the running time, the number of training hours and your results (times and ranking). The list is not exhaustive and you can add any information that you find important to record.


A tool for planning your season

You need to use your training logbook to record anything that will help you analyse what you did well, but particularly the errors you may have made. They will help you to improve.

For example, when planning your season or choosing a training schedule, it will be essential to take a look at what you did in the past. You will be able to use your training log book to help you make the right choices: number of weekly outings, miles to be completed, session intensities, time to be set aside.


How to use the data in your training logbook

You can also take an in-depth look at this rich source of information to try and understand the reasons for an injury. Very often, the explanation is clearly visible in your training log book:

- Did you overload your racing calendar by not giving yourself enough time to recover between races?

- Did you give yourself one or two yearly breaks to allow your body and mind to regenerate? This also provides an opportunity to devote a little more time to those who have to live with your lengthy night-time outings and Sundays on the road throughout the year to the detriment (it has to be said) of your family and social life.

- Did you give yourself enough time to treat a minor ache? Or did it become a full-blown injury that forced you to take a break for several weeks. Maybe by simply lightening your weekly training schedule, you could have overcome this setback without any further consequences?

- By taking a more positive view, you will be able to use your training log book to observe the objectives which were accomplished without a hitch and ascertain the reasons for these achievements. This is because success, rather than being a victory against your rivals, should be a victory over yourself. This will allow you to use all or part of the ingredients that led you to this success.

- In the more long-term, your training logbook can be used to evaluate your progress over time. If you take into consideration the notes in your logbook and use them to take the right decisions, you are sure to improve year-on-year.


Although it may seem that keeping an up-to-date training logbook is no big deal, it would be a real shame not to make use of all the information it contains.


Enjoy your season!