courir en vacances

Running while on holiday: dare to change your habits!

Discover new horizons

If you live in an urban environment, chances are your year-round training routine follows the same well-worn routes. By now you're on a first-name basis with every pothole and intimately familiar with the smallest landmark along the way!

Getting out of your familiar settings is important, and holidays help you to shuffle your markers. Of course it takes overcoming shyness or laziness (or both!) and setting out in search of new worlds to conquer. And if the road climbs a bit, or you get lost the first few days, all the better! Varying your run routes helps time to pass more quickly. As a result, your body starts to look forward to new ways in which it can exert itself, and, most importantly, your brain begins to experience once more the simple pleasure of running.


Add some rhythm to your sessions

Don't just dilly-dally along the way! There's no doubt that holidays are a time to relax and let go to some degree, and you can and should adopt an approach that is less intense or ambitious than your regular training. However, so long as you're feeling fine, you should refrain from digressing down to a half-hearted jog here and there.

Devote one or two sessions a week to a quality session. Do some interval training up a slope, threshold training, or introduce changes of pace. Let your imagination flow without limiting your energy or your desire to explore. Whether you're running on mountain trails, along the coast, or down country roads, it's wise to adapt your training session to the type of terrain you're running on rather than try to follow a set programme that you've worked out in advance.


Introduce your friends to running!

For eleven months out of the year — and no doubt a bit more for some — training takes place outside the confines of your network of family and close friends. Holidays is the perfect opportunity to introduce young and old alike to the pleasures of leisure running, and inspire new desires through your patient coaching and instruction.

There are many ways to make running simple for beginners and give them the courage to take up the challenge. Alternating between walking and running (adjust depending on the level of the runners) is a good way to do "sports tourism", providing of course that you travel through an area that's worth feasting your eyes on. For those who are more active, "run and bike" (one person pedals, the other runs; alternate if possible) allows the better runner to get a good workout without having to do so on his or her own. Your top priority should be to turn running into a social and friendly element of each vacation day!