Running for others: when running is placed in a sphere of generosity

A generation of big-hearted runners!

Alone or in small groups, runners create their own idea of solidarity and participate in building an awe-inspiring global movement that places running in a sphere of generosity and sharing. Friends from university or work colleagues, members of the same family or of an organisation: all have the same desire and the same ambition. In the back of their minds, care for others is much more important than the stopwatch. 


In the footsteps of the London Marathon

For over 30 years now, the 42.195km London Marathon has reserved the vast majority of its numbers for runners having raised several hundred pounds for a charitable organisation in the United Kingdom. In 2012, 74% of participants in the London Marathon ran for a charity. 

In total since 1981, the London race has generated over 750 million Euros in donations. And with the support of the "Guinness Book of World Records", it holds the title of the "largest annual charity event in the world". 

Paris currently pales in comparison. However, the organisers encourage runners wishing to participate in both the capital's marathon and the half-marathon to tie their effort to a cause and raise funds for one of the selected organisations. Several hundred of them (and the number is constantly rising) adhere to that message each year.


Individual awareness comes first

They are more and more visible in the pack! Wearing a face on their backs or a name on the front of their T-shirts, runners in solidarity invest the time of their race – but often prior to the race as well – to benefit an organisation or even simply to support an individual or family cause. How many are there in organised races in France each year? Tens of thousands, at least.

It is impossible to keep track of all the causes for charitable runs or runs in solidarity. It is up to each individual, based on their priorities, to choose what makes sense and motivates them to experience a truly different athletic adventure. Some online research will give you a more precise idea of existing initiatives in every geographic area.


Joëlettes, a means of transport for those with limited mobility, often mobilises dozens of runners during organised marathons. Many structures encourage volunteers to join their ranks just about everywhere in the world.