Running + Holidays = Freedom

Make the most of your holiday, enjoy your passion for running, train and make progress during this well-deserved annual break. Now that sounds like a great idea!
Discover unusual spots and visit mythical locations and national parks packed with blossoming flowers. Stop for a moment to admire the natural beauty, with your hair tousled by the wind and a smile on your lips. If there's one thing you can be sure of, it is that running during your holiday provides a unique, incredible kind of freedom!


It's great for your health

If you want to recharge your batteries, get back into your groove, discover magnificent places and get some fresh air, set aside some time to run during your holidays. Whether you're in the countryside, at the beach or in the mountains, running will help you to get back in shape (or tone your figure even more) in the best possible conditions.

Oxygénation, libération du stress quotidien accumulé, bien-être physique, renforcement musculaire pour un meilleur équilibre corps- esprit, le running sous le soleil et le ciel bleu transforme notre vision de la vie. La période des vacances est parfaite pour découvrir le running en famille ; chacun profite à son rythme des bienfaits physiques et psychologiques de cette activité de plein air. Comme tout sport d’endurance, la course à pied a l’avantage de régénérer les cellules liées aux fonctions cognitives et physiques et aide à combattre le vieillissement prématuré du l’organisme.


Protecting yourself from the sun and the heat

In warm weather, novices and experienced runners alike should protect themselves from the sun and the heat. To maximise your health, stay hydrated and eat enough before, during and after exercise. Before you head out, toss sunscreen (with a high enough SPF), enough beverages, and some sugar cubes, cereal bars or nuts into your bag.

Wear running apparel fit for the season

Running apparel designed with breathable fabrics is indispensable for running calmly and comfortably in hot or temperate weather. Breathability is the most important characteristic of clothing used for endurance sports, since it helps funnel away and evaporate sweat.

>> Choose light-coloured, loose-fitting, breathable t-shirts and shorts to limit heat absorption and be comfortable. Wear socks and light, ventilated running shoes, and of course, don't forget two essential items, your cap and sunglasses!


Trail running: Escape into the grandeur of nature.

Trail running is a great way to make the most of your holiday while discovering nature's flora and fauna. Trail running and off-road running are two ideal ways to run in harmony with nature! Take a short run along a hiking path in the mountains or through the countryside – it's an athlete's ideal option instead of walking, and is seducing more and more runners from experienced pros to novices. Enjoy the pleasure of nature: go trail running through the mountains.

During your holiday, forget about the competitive side of trail and distance running (some runs cover distances of more than 160 km!) and treat yourself to a nice medium-length run. Trail running allows you to glide along original earthen or gravel paths that cut through natural settings, running alongside rivers, dashing through rocky passes, ascending and descending as you avoid a variety of natural obstacles. The most important thing is to stay safe and carefully assess your physical abilities before hitting the trails


Ideal trail running gear

On a physical level, trail running is a relatively demanding open-air activity. To run comfortably regardless of the ground conditions, protect the muscles and tendons in your feet with trail running shoes featuring a flexible insole, solid traction and excellent cushioning.

Advice: Before you start your dash down the verdant slopes, prepare a small pack with a breathable windproof jacket, a water bag or bottle and several sugary snacks in case your blood sugar gets low.


Making the most of running during the holidays

Why not experience a week-long trail running holiday set in the heart of a mountain range or alongside a lake? Many holiday towns play host to running enthusiasts and their families and feature a wide variety of activities to relax and get back in shape, including pools, saunas, spas, gaming clubs and a diverse range of sporting activities.

Throughout the world, a wide number of running clubs allow tourists to participate in their running outings or organised events at a variety of levels for adults, children and seniors.

Many Running Tour associations, which are headed by running and tourism professionals, suggest including running in your holiday. The concept is innovative and simple: when you're on holiday, take advantage of running to discover the town where you're staying!

The Global Running Tour is a worldwide service which identifies running-related tourism activities.


Remember: Off-road running provides a unique feeling of freedom and is packed with advantages. It aligns your mind and body, removes accumulated stress, and regenerates and conserves your youth. As long as you have good sun protection and hydration, it's incredibly easy to run on or off the beaten track during your holiday. With trail running holiday villages, family jogging clubs and Running Tours at your disposal, it's easy to make the most of running for pleasure and discover incredible sites and vistas which are often inaccessible unless you're on a hiking trail.



Running in the open a great way to have a completely different kind of holiday!



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