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Running and tourism: check out "sightjogging"

Ask the locals

Tourist guides don't tell you everything! And they rarely consider "sightjogging", a sporty and environmentally-friendly way of getting around town on your own two feet. To avoid missing out on some sites and constantly going past others for days on end, make a list – not exhaustive of course – of your top priority sites to visit and draw your routes on a map in different colours.

It can be a good idea to spend more time in green spaces, which can be an opportunity to do more active running that in the heart of a built-up area, and ask any local runners you meet about places where you can run and sightsee at the same time.


Road traffic: watch out!

Running in the city means taking care all of the time. This is particularly true when you visit a city where you don't know local driving (and cycling) customs. Therefore:

- Scrupulously respect the highway code. Never (NEVER) jaywalk, and only run on pavements.

- Listen to what's around you and lower the volume on your mp3 player. Keep in mind: you also discover a place through its sounds…

- Obey the authorities – even if what they say seems strange or inappropriate.


Wear clothing that is suitable for every situation

It's up to you what you wear when jogging around town. But you must follow these two rules:

- Avoid entering any religious areas in clothing that could be deemed inappropriate. It is advisable to tie a jacket round your waist (to cover up your arms and shoulders) and avoid shorts if you know you are going to visit a church.

- Don't force your sweat on other visitors at museums or tourist sites full of families. Wait a few minutes to cool down before you go inside.


Use common sense 

A running tour of a city could take an unexpected turn. Check the weather forecast before setting off to avoid being out in a storm in just shorts and a T-shirt. It's also wise to take a metro ticket and money to buy a bottle of water or a banana, and for taking a taxi back to your hotel. Keep in mind:

. Unless you have an infallible sense of direction, it's easy to get lost. Remember that you can get back home using another mode of transport other than running.
. Do not run at night in a strange city without finding out about any possible dangers first. And take a head torch.


"Sightjogging" should be fun and inventive. If you take the right precautions, you can enjoy the double pleasure of running and discovering a new city. So give your legs a surprise, as well as your eyes!