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Run: experience the night!


At night, all cats are grey

The latest studies are clear: no, cats do not change colour at night. It is because of the limits of the human eye that we are not easily able to discern colours in weak lighting conditions.

To make it simple, the retina is composed of two types of cells: rods and cones. Cones allows us to see colours, but they need light to be effective. In the dark, it is the rods that are in charge of our vision. Very sensitive, they allow us to see in weak light, but they can only transmit an image in black and white. As fine-tuned as it is, the human eye is far from the performance of nocturnal animals. Although it ensures good vision in nights with a full moon, it is not good enough on dark nights.

So running at night can pose certain problems. Decreased vision prevents us from anticipating obstacles, particularly when trail running. Footing is therefore less stable, and it is common to be unable to avoid a puddle of water, a rock sticking out of the trail, or a muddy area. Your stride must be shorter, smoother, and lighter in order to adapt to terrain variations.

You must also take care of your equipment so that running at night is both safe and fun.


Strong sensations

Night time is also an atmosphere, a feeling of freedom, and a mood that can be both magical and stressful. The lights of the big city can rival the stars of a country sky for beauty. In winter, the clouds attach themselves to the trails, leaving behind intriguing layers of mist.

To compensate for the limits of vision, the other senses become more alert: a vigilant mind and finer hearing are ready to react to the slightest stimulus. The silence of the night is only disturbed by the symphony of cries of nocturnal animals, the rhythm of the runner's breathing, and the contact of soles on the ground.

Trails or roads that have been run so many times now take on a new look, sometimes enchanting, sometimes frightening. The halo of your headlamp dances in front of you, occasionally revealing the presence of a startled animal.

These sensations quickly become exhilarating, the impression of speed increases, in summer the air is cooler, and it isn't unusual to run faster at night than during the day. Be careful not to overdo it!


A fashionable phenomenon

More and more races take place at night. 10 km, half marathon, marathon: road races allow you to experience the feelings of competition in a different setting, under the lights of the city.

For more authentic sensations, choose trail running, like the night race of the Course des Terrils or the essential SaintéLyon. There, only a Run Light (or headlamp) guides the steps of the runners. The incandescent ribbon of lights formed by hundreds - even thousands - of competitors remains forever imprinted on the memories of those who have seen it.

Competing in imagination, organisers even offer themed night races. For example, we have to mention the forest races with zombies!


In order to experience night running in the best conditions, equip yourself with suitable gear: shoes, fabrics, accessories: discover the Kalenji by Night range.

What about you? Have you ever experienced night running?