Respect running etiquette!

Running can and should be exercised in accordance with certain rules. In training as well as in competition, respecting running etiquette will ensure the complete safety and perfect peace of mind of everyone.


During training


In town

Running does not give you every right. In fact, it gives you none at all! The pedestrian code must be respected at all times. Crossing roads outside protected areas and running dangerously on payments can be risky and give our sport a bad name. In town, runners must be attentive to others in the community. Although runners can run without restriction in public spaces, they must not disrupt the harmony of community life.

Please note:

You cannot urinate wherever you want. Particularly in the centre of an agglomeration.


In the country

You love running in the country and you're right! But this doesn't mean that you can be inconsiderate. Therefore be mindful to respect the environment in which you are running. There can be no exception to the rule that a runner must never pollute the environment. Therefore, take care to keep the energy gels that you consume with you or the tissues that you use.

Please note:

It is courteous to greet the people you come across when running through villages, as well as other runners, of course…


On an athletics track

First of all, regarding your outfit. Public sports facilities are often used by schoolchildren. Getting undressed (even if it's hot) and running bare-chested is out of the question. Then, there is your general attitude.Stay discreet by not making excessive noise that could disturb or scare other runners for example. Finally, be generous and appreciative towards the athletes with whom you are exercising: by taking the lead when necessary and thanking and congratulating the members of the group at the end of the session.

Please note:

The faster runners have priority on the inside lane (lane no. 1). So take care to move out of the way – by signalling with your hand that you are about to change direction – when a runner or group of runners is about to overtake you.


In competition


Before the start

You may be assigned a waiting area. Go to this area about 20 minutes before the start without trying to sneak into an area  reserved for runners of a higher level of ability. Be friendly towards the other competitors and, first and foremost, be respectful to the volunteers. Without them, there would be no race!

Please note:

When you want to remove an item of clothing, do not throw it anywhere Similarly, regarding the water bottle that you may have kept with you until the last few minutes before the start: check that it is empty and that it will not disrupt the runners approaching from behind you.


During the race

Being mindful of your own effort levels is of course a priority. However, this should not prevent you from paying attention to other runners. If a runner should fall or faint, check that they are not in need of assistance. More generally, maintain an encouraging and friendly attitude with the others. Focusing on your own time while neglecting the team spirit will not enhance your reputation.

Please note:

The refuelling stations are often hazardous areas. Indicate to others that you are changing direction in order to avoid bumping into other runners. Dispose of the bottles, cups and energy gel tubes in the dustbins provided by the organisers. Respect the public space!


At the finishing line

Enjoy the beauty of the moment (you are a "finisher") but do not assume that you entitled to do what you want. The instructions of the organisers – which are generally passed on by simple volunteers – must be followed.

Please note:

Congratulate the other competitors – particularly when they have helped you along the way –not to mention the pacemakers. 


Running etiquette is all about details. It's up to everyone, depending on their sensitivity and personality, to adopt a common-sense attitude. The underlying rule should be: to avoid colliding with or offending people who are running at all times.


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