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The perfect running bag for sport-filled holidays


Summer is all about relaxing and recharging your batteries. But that doesn't necessarily mean lounging by the pool. It also means staying - or getting - in shape. There's one easy, great way to do this: running. Whether you're a competition-level runner or just getting started, check out our tips to help you have fun as you hit the pavement this summer. You can have a good time no matter what your level or goals.


Hitting your summer stride

Up and at 'em: The view is incredible on your seaside vacation. You're there to relax, but you're also determined. You've got your sights set on your goal time for your next race (yes, 2'55" at Berlin is possible!), and you feel great after your 15k run at a 12-13k/hour pace. Business is taken care of. You've got the whole day ahead of you.

Mid-day motivation: Out in the country, you feel fantastic after your run with your family - you running, your kids on their bikes. Your husband has been pushing you to train for the women's-only La Parisienne. And you've decided to do it! But now, it's time for a little nap.

Dusk drive: As you look over the peaks, you feel energised from your latest mountain escapade - half trail, half run. You're thinking about your goal time for the Templiers (your first major trail race). The night is yours.

What do all of these holidays have in common? Running, of course.


Remember to take:

- A breathable tank top or T-shirt (Kiprun T-shirt).

- Tight or loose-fit running shorts (Kiprun running shorts).

- A windbreaker to keep wind and drizzle at bay.

- A cap or headband (for sun protection).

- A sports bra for good bust support.

- A pair of running shoes for the road and/or trail.

- A water bottle to stay hydrated during your run.

- A water pouch to stay hydrated during your run.

- Sunscreen to protect your skin.

- Sunglasses for sensitive eyes.

And don't forget about your feet: If you're going on a short run (no more than about 10k on roads), wear the Kiprun SD running shoes (designed for short distances). If you'll be running a longer distance, choose the Kiprun MD (mid-distances, about 20k) or the Kiprun LD (long distances). If you're hitting the trails, try the Kapteren XT - they're perfect for mountain or steep trails.

Remember, it's best to run early in the morning or late in the day or early evening to avoid getting overheated or sunstroke. And always wear a hat and take your Kalenji water pack or bottle along on your run.


Happy summer running!


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