Our best tips from 2014

Throughout this past year, Kalenji has been providing you with advice to help you improve and experience your sport in an imaginative and harmonious way. Here is our best from 2014.


run in winter

First priority: no one should feel excluded. Many training techniques allow "runners" of different levels to exercise together. "Fast or slow: let's run together!" reviews these main techniques and the basic rules of safety. 


For the greater and greater numbers of people who want to discover the pleasures of trail running, we recommend using common sense and some caution. "Trail equipment, do not leave on an adventure": useful for avoiding the most basic errors.


On a completely different subject, it is more and more common that runners of all levels are training in the heart of urban areas. "When the city becomes your playground", lists certain types of sessions to carry out in the city.


In 2014, the safety aspects of the sport were regularly mentioned. Among the subjects discussed: "Precautions to take for overweight beginners", "Stitches, causes and remedies", "Runner's cramps: prevention is better" and on another subject, "Gain flexibility to run better". The virtues of regular physical exercise are now fully documented. "Running, the healthy sport" reminds you of the most important ones. Particularly better weight control.



courir en hiver

Always keep improving: many runners train ceaselessly to reach the goals they set for themselves. "Advice for improving your marathon performance" is written directly for them. And particularly highlights the importance of recovery in preparing for a 42.195km.


Still speaking of training, the prickly question of exercising on an empty stomach was discussed in the article "Running on an empty stomach, advantages and disadvantages". Another light on the subject: "What time of day should you run?" Where we discover that the body reaches its peak physical capacities at the end of the day.


The practice of running is more and more massively connected to charity efforts. "Running in solidarity, yes, it's can be done!" discusses consciousness-raising, which has such a solid foothold in the United Kingdom and is quickly spreading across all continents.


On a much lighter note, we explored the thousand and one ways to visit a foreign city while running. "Running and tourism: check out "sightjogging"". And wrapped up the year 2014 with "The Top 10 maddest races".




Many runners are already impatiently awaiting it. "Spring, the 100% running season" can and should be prepared for all winter long with a balanced training regimen. Good luck!


Happy New Year to all!

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