entretenir vétements de course

Maintaining your running garments


It is a difficult task to sort your laundry when there are so many categories: coloureds, darks, whites, delicates, cotton. Every time it' the same puzzle. And what about your running garments ?

Kalenji has come up with some golden rules for textiles to help you keep your material looking like new for as long as possible!

Rule no.1: always wash at 30°, it's easy to remember!

Rule no.2: forget about the tumble dryer, the materials in your running garments have been made to dry naturally quickly.

We make an exception for windproof jackets which can be put in the tumble dryer to reactivate the rain protection (water repellence).

Rule no.3: to make us all happier, we can leave out the ironing. The materials used rarely crease and free you from this chore!

Rule no.4: don't mix products with Velcro because they may weaken the fabric. It is best to wash them inside-out.

Rule no.5 : use washing liquid rather than powder and avoid using softeners because they can damage the breathability properties.

Careful Never use bleach to wash running textiles, including socks.

There is no need either to use a laundry bag for your running underwear because unlike regular underwear, they are designed using technical materials. As a result, they are more resistant.


This advice is valid for all running textiles:

- T-shirt / long-sleeved jersey / Tank top / sleeveless T-shirt

- Shorts / tight shorts / 3/4 tights / tights /

- Socks

- Men's and women's underwear

- Windproof jackets

- Gloves / headbands / hats


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