Maintaining your physique


Basic principles:

- Eat three balanced meals each day;

- Eat a varied diet;

- Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated;

- Exercise regularly.

- Eating well is key for staying healthy and in shape. Eating too much is as harmful as eating too little, and quantity must be matched by quality.


Why eat proteins?

When restricting your caloric intake, you will also decrease the quantity and quality of proteins your body is getting. This can lead to a loss of muscle and muscle tone.
Therefore, it is important to get enough suitable proteins, which will also help you limit your calories and maintain muscle tone. Eating proteins will also help you feel full.


When should I eat proteins?

- If you get hungry. You might get hungry if you are watching what you eat or after physical activity. Proteins are an excellent way to satiate your hunger.

- To have a meal that is low in calories but packed with nourishment.

- After exercising.



APTONIA's recommendations:

Our range of dietary products is specially designed for athletes who want to maintain their physique by doing physical activity while also keeping their muscles strong.


It comprises:

- Meal substitutes: Substitute a low-calorie prepared meal in place of one or more meals per day. Meal substitutes should be paired with a piece of fruit or serving of dairy for a balanced meal. 1 meal = max 216 kcal

- Protein bar: This is an ideal snack to satiate your hunger until your next meal. 1 bar = max 105 kcal

- Protein drink: Protein drinks are ideal snacks. They are low in calories and carbohydrates and high in proteins. 1 drink = 160 kcal.

- Hydra weight-loss drink: This reduced-sugar beverage is a great option when exercising or at any point in the day.


An example APTONIA day


- 1 glass of orange juice

- 1 coffee

- 2 slices of wholemeal bread

- Jam

- 1 plain yoghurt



- Aptonia couscous

- 1 apple


Before exercise (4:30 pm)

- 1 red fruits protein bar


During exercise

- 1 Hydra weight-loss drink



-  Potato/shallot/tomato salad

- Lean chicken breast

- Reduced-sugar vinaigrette

-  1 serving of fromage frais

-  Pineapple


Don't forget to drink at least 1.5 litres of water during the day.

This information was provided by our partner,

Marie F. , an APTONIA nutritionist