lacer ses chaussures de course

Lacing techniques

Lacing for narraow feet

If you have narrow feet, lace your shoes through the eyelets that are the most spaced out. This will hold your foot very firmly.


Lacing for wide feet

Contrary to lacing for narrow feet, lace your shoes through the most closely-spaced eyelets. This will give you more width.


Lacing for sore feet

If your feet are sore (corns, blisters), lace your shoes in a zig zag. This lacing will limit the movement of the foot in the shoe and will therefore reduce the rubbing that causes calluses or blisters.


Lacing for narrow heels

Lace your shoes by threading the laces through all the eyelets in the shoe, and crossing them over. This means a solid hold for your heel and better contact with the sole. 


Lacing for extra comfort 

This lacing technique eliminates the pressure of the laces on the tongue, by using all the eyelets without crossing over.