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The interview of your shoes

Runners have a special relationship with their shoes. They accompany the runner throughout their training sessions and races. This is why shoes must be properly taken care of so that they can be kept longer


May people mistakenly wash their shoes in the machine, which damages the technical and physical properties of the shoe, and can lead to unsticking, shrinking or ripping of the seams on the shoe's upper.

We therefore recommend that you wash them as soon as they are very dirty (mud) with soapy water and a small synthetic brush. Definitely no bleach! Rinse with warm water.


You can wash them by hand without any problems.

1. If possible, remove the insole* by pulling it out of the shoe, then wash it separately.

2. Wash the whole shoe with a brush that's not too hard, a small amount of hot water and some soap.

3. Remove as much water as possible from the inside using a towel.

4. To dry your shoes, try not to put them near a heat source (like on the radiator): they should be dried at room temperature!


Open the shoes and stuff them with newspaper or kitchen roll. This will absorb the moisture present in the shoes



We advise you not to:

- put them in the tumble dryer

- dry them in direct sunlight

- use a hairdryer

- put them next to a heat source (radiator, fireplace)

It takes around twelve hours for a shoe to dry properly



If you run often, we recommend that you use two pairs of shoes in winter so that you have spare pair for when one pair is drying.
Your shoes may need even more care in winter. If you take care of them properly, they will last longer. After running in the rain or snow, clean them with a cloth and remove the insoles if you can. Stuff them with newspaper, to absorb the moisture inside the shoe


Enjoy your cleaning!