Comment choisir ses lunettes de soleil pour courir

How to choose your sunglasses for running?

Although running in the sun is one of the pleasures of the summer season, it can also result in glare, tired eyes and a prematurely wrinkled forehead! In order to ensure that the sun is part of your enjoyment of running and not a hindrance, you need to choose a pair of sunglasses. Here is our guide to help you choose them.


Why wear sunglasses?

First and foremost, to protect your eyes from UV light! This may seem obvious, but only 5% of runners actually wear sunglasses during official races. Even if it is often of benefit as a source of well-being, the glare can make it difficult for runners to see the route and look at their watch.

When trail running, sunglasses are also useful for protecting the eyes from the elements. It is not uncommon for a branch or some insects to  be in your path, so it is best to protect your eyes to avoid any contact with them.


The shade of the sunglass lenses

There are several categories of lens tints for sunglasses. Glasses belonging to category 3 are darker and provide constant UV protection while also preventing glare. Category 1 glasses, which are almost transparent, are suitable for trail runners running in cloudy conditions to protect their eyes from the disruptive elements of nature (insects, branches, sand, etc.)

The must-have products? Photochromic lenses that change tint according to the brightness of the light. They are particularly useful for long outings during which the weather conditions are liable to change.

It is also worth noting that the tint of the lens affects colour perception.When running, the lenses are often grey or green.


The comfort and breathability of sunglasses

A comfortable pair of sunglasses is a lightweight pair that is pleasant to wear, fits securely on the face while preventing any condensation for maximum visibility.

There are several options for securing them in place:curved branches that fit snugly behind your ears or straight branches covered in rubber which provide good grip.

Another factor of comfort with your sunglasses is the ventilation needed to evacuate the vapour generated by your body heat. This can be achieved by adding holes in the lenses which allow air to pass more freely. The ability to adjust the frame at the nose bridge can also improve ventilation by positioning the lenses further away from the face.


The aesthetic appearance of sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses for running is also a matter of style! You can coordinate them with you running outfit, opt for a mirror effect on the lenses, choose a mixed or non-mixed model… Look the part on the roads!


Whether you are a jogger, runner or trail runner, choose a pair of sunglasses that is tailored to your running discipline.Whatever the case, take care when choosing the size:don't hesitate to lean your head forwards when trying them on.And go out for a run in sun!