la course pendant les fêtes

How can I strike up a balance between working out and enjoying the holiday season?


It's not always easy to keep up your training during the holidays. Although it may seem impossible to squeeze one more thing in your jam-packed schedule at this time of year, getting in an occasional run will definitely do you good. Even better, it'll give you the energy to keep you in a festive frame of mind!


Try out something different for some new sensations!

During the holidays, people often want to do snow sports and other athletic activities that have nothing to do with your typical running training programme. There's no problem with that - they're a great way to let loose and maintain your fitness level. Some endurance sports are actually a fantastic complement to running.
Swimming, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and mountain biking are all fun ways to get out and clear your head - but still get in a great workout. Be extra careful with dangerous sports. Yes, that means downhill skiing, too. An ACL tear is even more serious for a runner than a case of Achilles tendinitis!


Change up your route and speed

No one's watching. Stop feeling bad if your regular training programme has started feeling like a chore during this festive season. Shake things up a bit and take in some new scenery. Try running in a new neighbourhood or head out to the country - it will motivate your legs... and your mind!Don't get stuck in a rut. Running is more fun when you change up your pace regularly. Staying glued to the stopwatch isn't going to make your run any more enjoyable. Just go with the flow and listen when your body says to pick up the pace (or not). Getting your heart rate up is a great way to stay in shape and remind yourself that the holidays don't last forever.


The season for sharing

You'll probably get asked why you run while sitting around the table or enjoying time with friends. Take advantage of the opportunity to convert your sceptic family members or friends and take them along with you for a few kilometres.

But remember to not be overzealous. Set your pace based on what the other person or group can handle. Stay with them and make sure not to push them to where they can't catch their breath. If you see they need to walk, then take a break and walk. It's about having fun and spending time together.


A free day is good. But one too many sounds like you're making excuses!

What do you do on those days when it's really freezing out or when staying under the covers is just too tempting? Of course you stay inside where it's nice and cosy! That said, don't let yourself off the hook too often. It's OK to relax once a week (outside of your winter training break).

One last tip for good measure: work up a sweat at least once a day. Getting some exercise - even if it's just playing football in the garage with your nephews - is a great way to show that you're in charge of your body and mind. And that training season (real training) is just around the corner!

Enjoying the holidays doesn't have to come at the expense of staying in shape. You just have to set your priorities: have fun when you run and do as many other sports as possible.


Enjoy your run!