courir en vacances

Holidays are a time to get running!


Your much-awaited holidays are first and foremost a time to relax, have fun and spend time with family or friends. An excuse to do nothing? That's up to you. But by running a little or lots or anywhere in between, you can make each day of your holiday even better. Summer is no time to be down and out!

If you're just starting out or getting back to running after an extended time off, don't be overly ambitious with your running goals - just be open to new sensations. Get out there and move, sweat, run with others. But make sure you listen to what your body tells you.

Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot so you won't have that terrible run that puts you off the sport forever.


The right equipment

The basics include a pair of running shoes in good condition, lightweight shorts and a T-shirt or tank that help wick away perspiration. Be sure to wear a cap and sunscreen if you're going to be running in the sun.


Adventure is for the birds

Check out your running route ahead of time by bike. A half hour run is a good start. If you have to walk, do so before you're completely wiped out. Instead, you can try walking quickly for two minutes every ten minutes.


Not so fast...

A moderate - or endurance - pace should be easy enough that you can hold a conversation while running without feeling out of breath. This means you're running in a comfortable zone (under 85% of your maximum heart rate). There's no need to go any faster, and doing so could even be dangerous.


Increase your run duration gradually

If you are able to run (or alternate running and walking) for 30 minutes at the start of your holidays, you don't need to push yourself past 50 minutes by the end. The most important thing is to gradually ease your body into it. 


Safety first

You should:

- let people know when you head out for a run and where you'll be going.

- take a mobile with you.

- take a water bottle to stay hydrated (even if you won't be running longer than 45 minutes).

- ask for help if you feel weak or are having other problems (chest pains, dizziness, etc.).


Set a goal for when you get home

To keep up your good holiday habits after you get back into routine, set a goal for yourself. You might establish a training balanced programme to stay injury free as you progress, join a gym or club to add a social dimension to your running, or sign up for an autumn run to let out your inner competitor. The enjoyment you feel while running should lead your summer runs. Stay in tune with your senses. Doing sport while on holiday means letting go and feeling good.


Happy holiday running!


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