pour une rentrée en pleine forme

Get back in shape after the holidays!


Doing sport regularly is one of the most common resolutions made at the end of the holidays. But it isn't always easy to stay the course and combine sport with your family life and work. Here are a few tips to help you increase your chances of successfully getting back in shape…


Regular training!

You won't become a true runner in the space of a few days or weeks. Running is first and foremost a sport of patience. You need to build a solid base before being able to consider taking part in a road race – from 10km to the marathon – or trails of varying lengths.

Regular training sessions are THE essential for progressing constantly. It is useless and even dangerous to try to run 100km a week when you start. Instead it is better to gradually increase the total number of sessions a week. Three runs will help you to quickly improve your endurance, that is, your ability to maintain a moderate level of exercise for longer and longer.


Look out for your body

It is likely that your motivation will be tested over the next few months – and more generally throughout your “career” as an amateur runner. One essential to keep in mind: respect your body. Never force yourself if a suspicious pain (other than any aches) appears. In the event of injury, quickly make an appointment with a physiotherapist or doctor specialising in sports injuries in order to get a diagnosis and begin treatment.


Modesty and self-confidence: the keys to success…

Demonstrating modesty and self-confidence is the best way of preventing tiredness and an inability to keep up with runners who are better than you. There's no cheating in running. When the road gets steeper, it gets steeper for everyone; when it's cold, it's cold for everyone. Staying modest in every situation is part of the etiquette of a sport in which the notion of competition is very relative. But you should never drop your head and should always have complete confidence in yourself. Even and especially during periods of doubt!


Why not join a club?

Although it is an individual sport, running with others is becoming ever more popular. Associations and clubs recognised by the French Athletics Federation (FAA) - giving the right to obtain a licence – allow you to organise your training and give you a certain amount of consistency in terms of gradually increasing the intensity of your exercise.


Among the advantages of running in a group are:

- Overcoming poor excuses. Trying to turn your back on the planned training session when the temperature drops or when the level of fatigue increases. You can't back down after agreeing to meet your friends (a runner never stands you up!) and club sessions have to be kept to (except in the case of a serious impediment).

- Creating healthy competition. Whether it's a simple jog or a more demanding interval session, the company of other runners develops a sense of competition or, at least, the ability to do quality exercise.

- Making friends. It's impossible to run hundreds or even thousands of kilometres with other runners without building up strong relationships with them. Whether you're shy or an extrovert, running smooths out the differences and creates a real affinity among its participants.


Wishing you a smooth return to work!


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