débuter le trail

Discover trail running: running in nature

Your ecological soul will be in heaven as you train and compete... Escape the foul-smelling exhaust gases and enjoy the calm, green paradise as far as the eye can see!


"Nature" jogging

"Nature" running, commonly known as trail running, takes place in the countryside away from tarmac surfaces. It lets you break free from the monotony of your urban runs: running in the forest, along mountain paths, or on the beach…The views are unique and varied, perfect for enjoying while jogging!

On the physical side, "nature" jogging develops power and strength in the lower limbs and all of the upper body as you constantly have to find your balance. It's the best way of learning to control each of your steps, adapt your speed and improve your breathing capacity. Mentally, running in a natural environment allows you to escape your daily, often stressful routine, rediscover your independence and clear your mind.


Listen to your body and plan your run ! 

Trail runs are open to the general public. Indeed, everyone can enjoy them as long as they adapt the route to their own abilities. You can start with a short 5 km run and then try out 15 to 30 km trails each day.


In fact, "nature" and "trail" are general terms for naming runs that don't feature tarmac surfaces. The French Athletic Federation has classed each run according to its distance, the type of terrain and the level of difficulty so that each runner can match their training to the runs available.


Green runs

These runs are open to everyone and limited to 30 km or to 2 hours of exercise. The level of difficulty is average and these runs resemble family countryside walks more than individual competitions.


Mountain runs

These mountain paths often involve climbs or downhill sections, lengthy exercise and peaceful, dreamlike landscapes. The distances are calculated based on time and not km, given the varied terrain; they generally involve an hour to an hour and a quarter of running, limiting the vertical climb or descent to 500 m.



Hardened runners and enthusiasts can attempt trail races involving distances of 20 to 40 km, with certain trails covering distances of up to 70 km. Races start early in the morning, with each runner having a race map to pick out their route, but the aim is still to run at your own pace without forcing things, adapting your breaks to suit your needs.

Each route is signposted and cordoned off by staff to indicate the defined race areas. There are water points every 5 km.


Please note: Trail distances shouldn't restrict you as, unlike road racing, periods of walking are an integral part of a nature circuit. The uphill sections turn into active walking which offers good recovery. Running in the countryside means facing all sorts of obstacles and complex sections.


A few pieces of advice : 

- In the case of bad weather, lift your feet up and adapt your stride to suit the different soil textures depending on how slippery it is.

- Plan your route so you can maintain your pace to protect your ankles and stay balanced.

- Vary your training by doing other sports such as cycling, hiking, Nordic walking or back-country skiing.

- The experience will help you to improve and to recognise different terrains and the best paths more easily.


Adopt a natural look

Throw out the tank top and baggy shorts you wear on the roads, because trail running requires well-covering and insulating clothing that protects from areas of heavy vegetation, the sun's burning rays, particularly at altitude, and bad weather:

- Lightweight shorts or long cycling shorts in summer, and cropped trousers or tights in winter.

- A short or long sleeved top, depending on the weather conditions, with reinforced shoulders (prevents your backpack straps warming you up and protects from UV rays).


Varied surfaces (distance, profile, level of difficulty), mean all-terrain running shoes!

They come with lugged soles and offer optimal protection from impacts at the toe and heel.


Trail running with Kalenji means a green attitude for everyone !