booster sa motivation

Boost your motivation!


Forget the stopwatch (or the training plan)

When the body and mind demand an extensive break, it is generally preferable to make some concessions. First decision to take: reduce the number of training sessions. Run for less time and run more slowly. But keep running! Rely on your feelings rather than on the stopwatch.

It is Important to stick to the training programme. Writing down a few notes every evening often helps to understand why there is a drop in motivation and to organise a solution to the problem. Then confirm the programme for tomorrow's sports session. And write it down!


Be adventurous 

Nothing is worse for the morale then repeating the same type of training along the same route all the time.One of the advantages of running is the total freedom of movement you can enjoy. Make the most of it! Be adventurous and check out a different field of play every time.

Running on paths, small roads or in the centre of the city (taking care of yourself, while following the rules for pedestrians): be creative and exercise your sense of direction. The aim is to experience something new every time and use running as a genuine means of locomotion: for going shopping, visiting friends or getting to work.


Stick together!

Running is an individual sport that should be practised with friends or acquaintances of a similar level of ability whenever possible. This is particularly true when you would prefer to stay in bed or have a drink rather than going out for a training session due to a lack of motivation…

It is therefore advisable to set a fixed time to go running with your running companions in order to avoid last minute excuse. The energy of a group is generally all you need to get your mental and physical strength back. What's more, it can also be an opportunity to have a more serious chat and ask advice on the best way to get through a difficult period or have a joke while running. The main thing is to keep moving, resist the temptation to do nothing and give your waning motivation a boost. 


Treat yourself

When working on regularity, you sometimes need to score yourself down. However you will also need to award yourself some stars! Poor weather conditions, heavy legs, family and work issues: the reasons for not running can sometimes pile up. Having the ability to stand up and keep moving in those situations can be a real achievement that is worth celebrating. 

Everyone has their own particular pleasures. Small or big. It could be enjoying a latte seated outside a coffeeshop or a sauna in a comfortable spa; It could be an overindulgent dessert or a salsa party with friends. Running should never be a punishment that takes away the more joyful and desirable aspects of life – Far from it! By treating yourself on a regular basis, you give yourself new reasons to train. So that you can make more effective use of your time…


Set yourself an ambitious objective

Break the rules! Or, more precisely, don't restrict yourself to running in the usual set areas. Don't be modest. Dare to be ambitious. You were planning to sign up for a 10 km race. Go for a half-marathon. You didn't feel ready to tackle 42.195km. Try a marathon. If you are worried about an adventurous run on paths, having a go at running on trails and off-road paths… Being able to attain an ambitious objective can drive you to go further and exercise more regularly. This is particularly true if you tell your close friends and family about your plans. Learn to live with the idea of surpassing yourself a little. Take a methodical approach to training.You have a strong partner at your side: motivation!