Courir autrement avec l'aqua running

Aqua running: an alternative way of running!

Feel like a break from the routine of your running training, do you want to add some variety to your exercise and run whatever the weather conditions? Why not try aqua running? This discipline, which has become very popular over the last few years, is an excellent complement to running. Ready to go? Dive in!


Aqua... what?

Aqua running, which first began in aquafitness centres, is practised in water, as its name suggests, using a slightly inclined treadmill without a motor. The treadmill is driven at the required speed by the running motion. The runners stand in the water, which is at waist or chest height, and run at their own pace, occasionally switching between different muscle strengthening exercises. Since 2004, world championship events have actually been held covering the following 3 events: relay (3x50m), marathon (1000m) and individual (50m).

An alternative form of aqua running is also developing in outdoor environments. In most cases, it is practised near lakes or inlets. It involves alternating between running in and out of the water.


The benefits of aqua running for runners

Aqua running is no substitute for normal running training if you are preparing for a particular race. However, like cycling, it is an excellent complement to your training sessions. Because the body is supported by the water while you exercise – thereby reducing the impacts – the muscles, joints and tendons are put under less strain as you work out. This discipline exercises the entire lower body – calves, thighs, buttocks – while also giving the abs an efficient workout, given that the body must work against the water pressure and maintain balance on the treadmill.

This sport can also be used to effectively exercise the heart: give it a go and you will see that the heart rate accelerates quickly so that the legs can keep up the pace in the water!

Finally, aqua running can be a good solution for continuing to train despite any pain or injury that may occur as a result of repeated running training. One can never underestimate the benefits of watersports in alleviating the shocks experienced by the body when running.


Nothing could be better for varying your training sessions than trying out new sports. In this regard, running is highly recommended for making progress and doing yourself some good: it combines the low-impact effects of water with the benefits of running!