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5 ideas for introducing some variety to your runs and avoiding the boredom of a repetitive routine!


Running outings can be competitive and boring for some joggers. If you want to rediscover the joy of running, making a few simple changes can be enough! Here are 5 ideas for adding some variety to your runs and giving your training sessions new life...


1. Add some variety to your jogging outings

You know the route that you have been running 2 or 3 times a week for the last year by heart? The time has come to make some changes and root out the repetitive aspects! Seek out public parks, large open spaces of countryside or riverbanks so that you can try out some new routes near to your home.

Check out the specialised forums to find new routes that will help you improve.

If you live in a city, try organising a run in the country from time to time. Although you may have to drive for a few miles to start your new route, it will allow you to visit the new area while you run!


2. Use a running application to motivate yourself!

Closely follow your training sessions as well as your performance levels and health using a running application. Distance run, altitude change, exercise time, calories expended, heart rate: this will give you a new outlook on your running outings!

Boost your motivation by comparing your training sessions, measuring your progress and sharing your times with your friends, family or colleagues. Running applications help you to set objectives and take on challenges by yourself or with your friends!

Certain applications for sports, that are halfway between games and a sports coach, even give you the option to be chased by zombies! An excellent way of relieving the boredom of running and boosting your motivation.


3. Run as part of a group

Run with your loved ones, colleagues or friends. It creates an opportunity to find out the latest gossip, set the world to rights or share the best ideas for the weekend!

Make sure that you run at roughly the same pace as your training companions. Your running group could become ineffective and frustrating if you cannot run at the same pace!


4. Train to the sound of music

Running to music gives you a sense of escape and helps you focus on something other than running. Have fun by creating special playlists for your sessions or check out the playlists of your friends. You can also use your runs as an opportunity to listen to your favourite podcasts.

You could also try an audio book. This is an excellent solution for busy parents and professionals who love sport and reading… You can combine both activities and rediscover the joy of storytelling!


5. Temporarily replace your runs

If you are really bored of running, don't force it: temporarily replace your runs with another endurance sport. Choose a sport that suits you like rollerblading, cycling, walking or swimming! This will help you to stick to your training plan while avoiding the routine that was becoming too repetitive.

During your holidays in the mountains or at the seaside, feel free to swap your trainers for some cross-country skis or a swimsuit in order to continue your training. this is an excellent solution for mixing holidays with training and pleasure!


Be imaginative in order to make your sessions fun and motivating. In order to improve your running capacity effectively, you must enjoy it… As for you, how do you combat a lack of motivation? Share your tips with us!

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