4 recommendations to keep you going !

Here are four targeted recommendations in responding to those issues that are most frequently encountered by new runners.


1 – Make it into an event

 "I don't feel like doing it anymore": the novelty effect has worn off, putting your trainers on to go out jogging is no longer enough of an incentive. Find yourself another source of motivation: sign up for a race! You will find out why you train and you can easily plan your sessions according to your objectives.


2 – Start slowly  

"I'm always out of breath after 5 minutes": like many beginners, you start too quickly! Just a few seconds faster than your standard speed are enough to make your run difficult. If you are out of breath after 1 kilometre, slow down. In fact, you should be able to talk while you run, at all times. Start slowly and once you reach a regular pace, speed it up a little.


3 – Get into a rhythm.

"I can't accelerate": if you are running slower than normally, are you running under the same conditions? If your route is more hilly or it's warmer, you won't be able to keep up the same pace as you would on the flat or in winter. If nothing has changed and you seem to be running slower, add variety to your training session by alternating several minutes at a fast pace with several minutes at a slower one.


4 – Prepare and organise your sessions.

"I always give up before the finish because I can't go any further": instead of collapsing with fatigue, plan your session, mould it. Plan your runs according to your ability. There's no use in doing a 30 minute run if you have never - or nearly never - done a run before. During your first sessions, include times where you walk so that you can recover (10 minutes running, 5 minutes walking for example) and finish with 10 minutes at a fast pace). Finishing a session at speed is more motivating than giving up!


Enjoy your run! The Kalenji running team