bonnes résolutions running

10 Running good resolutions

Are you among all those who began the year with the firm intention to run more? Be careful – if this is the case – not to set the bar too high. When it comes to running resolutions, it is best to think first about one thing: having fun!


1. Be as regular as possible

It is too idealistic to think that you will improve without training several times a week. But it is not recommended to increase your distance too dramatically. So if you begin 2016 with just one weekly session, make it a goal to work up to three sessions by the end of winter. And watch out for bad excuses: you have to run regularly to really enjoy it!


2. Change your route often

Put an end to the jogging routine that systematically follows the same trails and/or the same roads! It is by constantly changing your routes that you will (enjoyably) leave your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to join running groups to discover new routes, and don't worry about adventuring far from your base camp. This is how you develop your endurance most effectively.


3. Learn to vary your pace

Run systematically at 8, 10, 12, or 14 km/h and your body will adapt. With this major disadvantage: it will baulk at increasing the intensity of your workout. So learn to structure your training sessions with a variety of programmes: long to improve endurance, and intervals to improve MAS. Be creative!


4. Flee the solitude of the distance runner...

Running is an individual sport that gets better when done in a group. Don't be shy or proud. Join a group of friends, an organisation, or a club. Dare to run in a group!


5. Get advice from those more experienced than you

They are sometimes a bit of a kill-joy with their recommendations that seem obvious. Don't let that stop you! When it comes to managing effort, safety, or even etiquette, older runners are always one step ahead. So it is crucial to follow in their footsteps!


6. Sign up for a timed race

Pinning on a number confirms that you belong in a community of runners. It isn't necessary to start a competition with your eye fixed on the timer. Instead, get more attached to experiencing a moment of fellowship in effort. And you (always) feel so good about yourself with a "finisher" medal around your neck.


7. And set a reasonable goal

A 5 km trail run or 10 km on tarmac: if you're starting out, don't be too ambitious about the distance you run. Progressively – if you have a taste for it – move towards more demanding races. One day – who knows? – you'll be at the starting line of a marathon!


8. Be humble

Maybe in 2015 you'll feel the legitimate pride of feeling your body react well to the efforts you put out during training. Running does the body good! But this shouldn't become a reason to discriminate against those who didn't choose to do a regular sport. So be a humble and convinced advocate of running…


9. Listen to yourself, no matter what

Nothing should be done – in training or competition – that harms your physical well-being. Listen to yourself! And don't hesitate to regularly consult a sports medicine doctor or physical therapist to check your joints, muscles, and tendons.


10. Be a happy runner!

Nothing is more sad than an amateur "runner" spending the day cursing their bad feelings when training, extra kilos, or various injuries. Smile, even when you're not on camera. Running is a great adventure. That you should experience in a good mood.


Eleventh running resolution for 2016: convince a family member or friend - and/or, why not a work colleague? - to become a regular runner. Best wishes for a new year of running!