10 raisons de courir en vacances

10 good reasons to run when on holiday

Do you associate holidays with lounging in deckchairs and tanning rather than sports and wearing trainers? And yet, physical activity, especially running, has many benefits during this period that is conducive to relaxation. Find out our 10 good reasons for getting your trainers on and running during the holiday period!


1. To relax even more

Say goodbye to stress and an overloaded diary, and hello to relaxation and being lazy!
Did you know that running stimulates the feeling of relaxation? Going out for a jog is also about appreciating the freedom of running, the countryside, the climate and particularly, enjoying the benefits of the endorphins produced by the body during and after exercise. A natural remedy to stress that leads to the effect that is commonly known as the "runner's high"…


2. To take care of yourself

Running is good for the heart, the body and spirit. A moment for treating yourself to some time out alone or in the company of other people. And, as you well know, it's better for your health than the traditional glass of wine to open up your appetite on holiday!


3. An alternative way of visiting the local area

As you pass through your holiday village, along the forest foot paths or the seashore, running is a great opportunity to make the most of the countryside and admire the landscape in a different way while doing yourself a lot of good!


4. To burn off the pre-dinner drinks, ice-creams and other treats

It is not uncommon to come back from holiday with a few extra pounds than when you left. That's right! The culinary delights of the summer are not always without consequences for your weight! So, what could be better than a light jog from time to time to burn off some calories?


5. To meet different people

Running is also a physical activity that you can share with other people. Other sportsmen and women, like you, also want to make the most of the sunshine to run for a few miles. This provides opportunities for building ties and enjoying sport with other people.


6. To perfect your tan

Naturally, when you're running, you will be spending time outdoors, potentially in the sunshine! So, get out the sun-cream, the cap and your best summer outfit to make the most of the sunshine and work on your beautifully bronzed skin tone.


7. To treat yourself to some precious me-time

If you like to spend time alone, running is an excellent way of getting a breath of fresh air and enjoying some time by yourself, far from the chaos of family life or life with friends. In short, a well-being break!


8. Because the early bird catcheth the worm

The heat of summer often makes it necessary to run very early in the morning to benefit from the cooler air. And what if it was the opportunity to enjoy a longer day?


9. For the pleasure of lazing about afterwards

Ever experienced the pleasure of a siesta beside the pool after a run? It's the best!


10. To enjoy yourself!

Above all, like your holidays, running should be for pleasure! Why miss out?

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